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Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) is a system of healing founded by Elicia Miller and further developed with her husband Doug Miller, PhD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The result of Elicia’s own very dedicated 15-year healing journey, CEH integrates many tried and true approaches from a range of established healing models while focusing on the central role of emotions in physical, mental and relationship problems. CEH is also a Transpersonal approach, facilitating the connection between good emotional functioning with intuition and spiritual development.

The focus on the “Core” in CEH indicates that the main emphasis is on the source, the origin, of your suffering, while also addressing all of the resulting levels indicated in the diagram.

There are dynamic interactions between the levels of the CEH model, all unique for each individual. This multilevel inclusion, representing the major schools of psychology, are one thing that make CEH unique, effective and efficient.

In contrast to many traditional emotional healing approaches that passively assist the client in finding their own way, CEH practitioners are active in directing the healing process.  We help clients reparent themselves and heal their inner child to bring their full authentic selves into the world and relationships.  

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