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“I truly feel like I accomplished more in 3 days during the workshop than I would have in years of talk therapy.”


Core Emotional Healing®

Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) gets to the root cause of your symptoms in order to heal for good.

CEH was developed because while physical treatments, traditional therapy, energy healing and other healing modalities help - they often don’t get to the root cause of mental and emotional symptoms, eating disorders, addictions and relationship problems, and many emotionally based physical symptoms.

Because the underlying emotional issues aren't addressed, you end up repeating patterns, or your symptoms come back after years of therapy and treatments.


We believe that your symptoms and relationship triggers are a gift, pointing to what you need to address for growth and healing.

So you can: 

  • check
    Finally get to the real cause of mental/emotional symptoms
  • check
    Release painful triggers and stop numbing behavior
  • check
    End cycles of self sabotaging and perfectionism
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    Get the love and support you really want
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    More fully access your inner knowing and intuitive gifts

Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) is a system of healing founded by Elicia Miller and further developed with her husband Doug Miller, PhD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The result of Elicia’s own very dedicated 15-year healing journey, CEH integrates many tried and true approaches from a range of established healing models while focusing on the central role of emotions in physical, mental and relationship problems. CEH is also a Transpersonal approach, facilitating the connection between good emotional functioning with intuition and spiritual development.

Elicia and Doug Miller

In contrast to many traditional emotional healing approaches that passively assist the client in finding their own way, CEH practitioners are active in directing the healing process.  We help clients reparent themselves and heal their inner child to bring their full authentic selves into the world and relationships.   

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Working with Elicia and Doug was an amazing,
life-changing experience!

Jocelyn Robinson

"It’s hard to even put into words the amount of gratitude I have for the Millers. Working with Elicia and Doug was an amazing life changing experience.

Elicia and Doug were able to help me uncover the blocks I could not see from traumas that were buried deep within my subconscious.

I’ve taken all of Elicia and Doug’s programs and each program allowed me to uncover the next layer I was ready to heal, and the work they do together took it to whole other level of healing

As a doctor, it's so important that I bring my patients
the best possible resources, and I fully trust
Elicia to provide that!

Dr. Kim D’Eramo MD

"As a doctor, it's so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present."

I wish the entire world would do this work - we’d all be so much happier and at peace with one another.


"I'm so grateful for the awareness during Elicia and Doug's workshop. These protective layers that we all cover our deepest traumas with is like plaque buildup. I can't get the plaque off my teeth without the help of a professional. Elicia and Doug helped me scrape a layer of plaque off my heart.

What has happened is my intuitive voice has awoken. I hear myself and know and trust generally what I want to do. The Universe has been giving me exactly what I need and I feel so light and free. I’ve lost over 40 pounds! 

My relationships are all improving and the toxic people seem to have naturally fallen away. I’m loving myself daily. I’m a better mother and am teaching my children on a spiritual level.

I compare myself to the Lotus flower. I have blossomed from mud and I feel amazingly beautiful.
I wish the entire world would do this work because we’d all be so much happier and at peace with one another."

About Elicia and Doug Miller, PhD

Doug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing for them, as well as great insight into their work with clients.

Elicia is the founder of the Core Emotional Healing® model. She has 15 years of experience in deep experiential work and training in unconscious emotional wounds that cause physical symptoms, eating disorders, and relationship problems.

Elicia’s own extensive journey healing Systemic Candida gave her the experience to guide hundreds from around the world to freedom from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, codependency, addictions, poor body image and perfectionism by healing the emotional root cause to live a fulfilled and inspired life!

Elicia is gifted in seeing right to the source of the issue, past her client's defenses and stories. In addition, she provides nurturing support, lovingly helping clients move through the healing process.

Doug is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychologist working in the Mental Health Field for 35 years. His formal training included training in Gestalt Therapy, Jungian, Body Work, Existential and Psychodynamic Psychotherapies. He was also encouraged to develop the use intuition in his practice. His training and experience have brought him to a deep understanding of the interplay between childhood emotional and family dynamics with personal life development, fulfillment and spiritual growth. He first co-lead an Experiential retreat over 25 years ago and has found this approach to be the most efficient and effective.

Elicia and Doug specialize in the powerful and immediate lived approach of Experiential Therapy, in retreats, workshops, and individual healing immersions. They actively help clients through individualized healing structures that bring into awareness the unconscious source of emotional and relationship issues. Then, they help clients release long-blocked emotions and provide healing with corrective experiences that are self-affirming and personally empowering. This process results in more authentic and aligned living, with a fuller benefit of one’s individual gifts.

Many of Elicia and Doug’s clients have engaged in various types of healing approaches including medical and spiritual, but because clients often bypass the embodied and emotional work, they have not healed.

Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches to help individuals and couples heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With their penetrating insight, grounded intuition, and Experiential Psychotherapy process, Doug and Elicia help their clients realize greater connection, intimacy and fulfillment. To learn more listen to their Intimacy Hour Radio Shows.

Doug and Elicia are based in Atlanta, GA, USA and travel around the world offering Core Emotional Healing® private healing immersions, workshops and retreats.

I have a better relationship with myself and the people who are closest to me.


"Working with Doug & Elicia is AMAZING! I want to put them in my pocket and bring them home with me. They are so loving, caring, compassionate and supportive. I felt very safe around them and free to be and express myself.

Before the CEH retreat I was experiencing anxiety, self-sabotaging habits such as binge eating and purging, poor self-boundaries and not being able to keep commitments to myself.

Anytime I’d say I’m going to commit to something, I would always fail at following through. I felt sad, depressed, insecure, not good enough and isolated.

The atmosphere that Elicia and Doug created was one that cannot be compared. It was relaxed, safe, comforting, loving, patient. I felt very accepted for being me and I didn’t feel like I had to hide anything. I knew that if I was vulnerable I would be able to unlock the answer to some of these patterns and that’s exactly what happened. 

My mindset has changed SO MUCH since the workshop. I look at myself differently, I tell myself I’m beautiful, I hug myself, I tell myself “I love you”. I give myself the attention that I was always searching for elsewhere. It’s been very powerful. I have a much healthier outlook about my body and my future and I haven’t let people’s opinions about me affect me being my authentic self. It’s awesome.

I am also definitely calmer, my intuition has increased and I have a better relationship with myself and the people who are closest to me."

It was an amazing experience for us, and we continue to grow everyday.


"My husband and I have worked with Elicia and Doug on several occasions. We started working with them because we were newlyweds and had the worst communication. After working with Doug and Elicia, we were able to really learn how to communicate with each other and really identify our triggers. Once we were able to identify our triggers, we were able to learn what we needed from each other. It was an amazing experience for us, and we continue to grow everyday.

I was nervous that my husband would feel uncomfortable, or ganged up on, but he and Doug hit it off immediately. Which made my husband feel more comfortable to open up. We both work with Doug and Elicia separately as well, to really heal our inner children and past patterns in order to become the best people we can be in a relationship!"

You will find your truth and your freedom to do the work you came here to do, to be free to be you.


"I’ve gone through the traditional route, but the same symptoms remained and sometimes worsened. Elicia's program is vastly different!

In conventional therapy practices from a young age, I experienced blame for expressing my emotions and feelings, which only created shame, more anxiety more depression, and more disassociation. I’ve gone through the traditional route, but the same symptoms remained and sometimes worsened. Elicia’s program is vastly different!  

There, you will find your truth and your freedom to do the work you came here to do, to be free to be you. Emotions will only create an imbalance when they’re not fully expressed.

I noticed that many of the healers and therapists I spoke didn't have answers to my questions, but just vague general statements and hadn’t fully healed themselves. I was looking for someone who had taken their journey, walked the fire, and came out on the other side fully healed. The more I spoke to others, the more and more I felt called back to Elicia. I feel like sometimes, with the words, "inner child work" people want to roll their eyes or write it off. "You're telling me, everything I ever needed to heal is inside of me? In my inner child?!" But I’ve learned that YES! YES IT IS! Isn't that beautiful and amazing?"

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