Core Emotional Healing®
Client Experience

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis

Energy Healer & Intuitive Development Coach

“I am an energy healer and psychic medium with years of experience in alternative healing modalities. I have moved through and healed trauma and limiting beliefs and have created an amazing life for myself. That said, the path of healing never ends and I find it incredibly important to consistently tune in and evaluate where I am, what I need and how to provide that for myself when it comes to healing and growth.

Because of this, I recently became aware that I was dealing with a (new) glass ceiling in my professional life and I knew that I needed support to see my blind spots and move through it.

Having a professional relationship with Elicia and Doug, I knew that I could trust them completely to hold powerful and transformative space for me to go to some of the deeper corners of my psyche to pull out the beliefs that were holding me back.

I have seen the power of their work time and again and knew that it would provide me with exactly what I needed to shatter this ceiling.

My Private Experiential Healing Immersion with them illuminated the connections and patterns that developed from my life as a very sensitive child and the trauma of being raped as an adolescent. Once the patterns were identified, they held space and supported me through the process of accessing and releasing the repressed emotions associated with the patterns. I felt held, seen and honored through this entire experience.

Immediately following this session, I experienced a major shift in two projects that I am working on (the very ones in which I had been holding myself back).

My creative energy began to flow more readily and I was able to enjoy the process again. I feel more open and more free, more prosperous and excited for the opportunities to unfold.

Not only did I benefit greatly from my experience with them, but I often refer clients to them because I believe so strongly in the emotional healing that they facilitate. This is deep and transformative work and I am so grateful to them both personally and professionally.”

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