Breakthroughs from working with Doug and Elicia

Client Results

Jocelyn Robinson

"It’s hard to even put into words the amount of gratitude I have for the Millers. Working with Elicia and Doug was an amazing life changing experience.

Elicia and Doug were able to help me uncover the blocks I could not see from traumas that were buried deep within my subconscious.

I’ve taken all of Elicia and Doug’s programs and each program allowed me to uncover the next layer I was ready to heal, and the work they do together took it to whole other level of healing

The entire process was customized for me to fully release the limiting beliefs, patterns, and shame I was still carrying. I went on a journey with them that allowed me to see all the areas of my life I was struggling in, then we mapped out the reasons behind those issues. From there I went into deep processing to move through those issues. After that, I was able to create the vision for myself I desired and put into place the pieces in my life I am now ready to attract.

The hours they spent with me were not only magical, but the entire time I felt completely supported and loved. They created a safe space for me to share fully and openly, and I never felt any hesitation in moving through each part of the process. The work I did with them was a full spiritual, emotional, and physical release unlike any other I have been able to experience before. I now feel like I have shed many layers of issues that were holding me back, and walked away knowing my life was on a trajectory for change in the best way. 

I can’t recommend working with Elicia and Doug enough, because they have the ability to guide you as loving parents, support you like your best friend, and push you into who you truly are as the biggest cheerleaders. They can see your blocks, as well as the truth of what is beyond that, and that is the unique gift they have when working as a team together. I am forever grateful for being able to experience the work they do together."

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