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Maggie Core Emotional Healing Testimonial


"I was in talk therapy for two years prior to my experiential Healing Immersion and had tried innumerable healing methods. However, I experienced more of a shift in just one session with Doug and Elicia than I had in my entire three years of conscious healing. 

My healing journey began three years ago with a whole host of symptoms (depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, fatigue etc.) that, as I learned from Elicia, were repressed emotions. The symptoms began clearing up as soon as I started feeling my emotions through the guidance of Elicia. However, there was one emotional pattern that I could not shift – the fear around my bodies’ ability to heal itself. 

One session with Elicia and Doug shifted all of my patterns of shame around my body. I have worked with them several times now and each time has been different but is always exactly what I need. They are both experts in their fields and use their intuition to tap into your emotional field. They create a space that is safe and compassionate so that you can explore all aspects of yourself without fear. They maintain the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy, which mimics an ideal parental relationship so that you can explore your inner child. 

For me the experience manifested into a ritual or capstone celebration for all of the healing that I have undergone over the past three years. The experience was thorough and palpable, engaging all the senses. I was able to observe and re-construct my reality based on my emotional growth with the guidance of Elicia and Doug. Due to this I was able to shift the emotional fear that has held my body from healing completely.

Here is a short list of the shifts I had from this experience:

  • More trust in my body's ability to heal
  • Heightened trust in intuition
  • Increased creativity and desire to express myself creatively
  • More authentic expression of compassion for myself and others
  • Feelings of pure joy and bliss
  • Acceptance of my suffering and gratitude for my journey
  • Release of fear in body especially around pelvis in relation to birth trauma

Ultimately, one of the most important and unique aspects of the Experiential Healing Immersion for me was that I left the session with a sense of ownership. I felt that my experience was my own because with their guidance I had healed from the core. I left my session with a heightened sense of my own intuition and power. I feel as though they gave me all the right tools to expand and transcend patterns that I could not conquer on my pattern. Now I have a greater clarity about how to access and process through emotions on my own. I cannot thank Elicia and Doug enough for helping me shift my most deeply ingrained emotional patterns!"

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