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A couple of creative clients have offered their poetic reviews and visual renditions of working with Doug, aka "Door Dragon," and Elicia, aka "Butterfly Angel." These artists captured aspects of the emotional healing work that are difficult to describe in any other way. Though Elicia's was written before she and Doug began working together, the similarity in these descriptions of working with them is astounding . 

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Door Dragon

It is a very specific and unique thing working with the Doordragon.

His gaze falls upon you and you can feel his kind eyes penetrate into you, a sort of pure, unbridled and loving focus and attentiveness aimed right at the core of who you are.

Then it begins.

He sorts through your words as he asks questions and receives your answers, examining each word individually and in groups as if they were treasure, watching their effects on your face and in your body, the cadence and melody they are carried in.

He slowly and intently paces around the perimeter of your psyche, running his fingers along it’s surface, searching for that little nook, that small delicate seam that designates an entrance to the dark and dusty, perhaps forgotten and undiscovered, parts of your mind. Once found, he positions himself at this place and begins to ever so gently help you reveal and open the buried door.

When you step through the threshold together, you will find yourself in a strange, yet somehow familiar place. In here, you will begin to see and understand and experience things that have been secretly coloring the portrait of who you are. He will help you navigate all of this and be your guide in the journey through yourself. He will aide you in opening up dialogues with parts of yourself that would seem like strangers anywhere else.

Through these conversations among parts of self, you would find yourself in the Purgelands. A safe and secure space where you set free the parts of yourself that no longer serve you in good ways.

You must trust the Doordragon, however, else his magic will fail on you. When you have completed your working in the Purgelands, he will walk you back out.

You will not find yourself back in the place that you left.

You will return to a world that is overflowing with possibility. You will return transformed, glowing with divine power that you didn’t know you had until now. It will fill your body, mind, and spirit with pure white light and that light will condensate, solidify into a crystalline sphere that will live in your heart forever.

You will be able to feel this ability to create and manifest as the newly discovered endowed being that you are and always have been.

- Joshua Roberts, Shamanic Artist

Butterfly Angel

The life I knew was turned askew when a butterfly angel flew in and landed at my feet.

Her gaze was so deep that it saw into my soul much further than I could dare to meet.

The reach of her wings was greater than anything I had seen with my eyes.

She was able to see the real true nature buried deep beneath all the lies.

She moved me so powerfully from girl to empowered woman, helping me to expand my own wings.

She pushed me beyond my limits opening a whole new world where my heart now sings.

She was gentle in her push, strong in her conviction, and always emoting pure love from her core.

The light within poured out and touched my soul helping me to open my wings up to truly soar.

Butterfly Angels are a unique breed that enter your life right at the perfect time.

The blessing is beyond belief and one that is truly sublime.

Open your heart, your mind, and your soul when one enters your life.

It will allow you to change from the caterpillar you are to the butterfly you are meant to be, ending all your strife.

- Jocelyn Robinson, Intuitive and Psychic Channeler

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