Elicia Miller

Founder of Core Emotional Healing®

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Candida Expert

Elicia Miller

Elicia created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, personal healing, and empathic intuitive gifts.  Based on her personal and professional experience, she developed a guided step-by-step process to address the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering.

Elicia provides insightful, direct, compassionate guidance to inspire and support others to be responsible for how they feel, ask for what they want, and to set healthy boundaries. She helps others feel safe and supported so they are empowered to freely express their true selves.

She is the author of the ebook Detox 101 and coauthor of the books, One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, to be released at the end of 2018, is an inspirational guide to help readers realize the emotional connection to their symptoms. The book details the Core Emotional Healing® process to help anyone heal from physical, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Along with her husband, Psychologist Doug Miller, PhD, Elicia offers Core Emotional Experiential Therapy for individuals and couples in 3-Day Intensive Weekend Workshops and Private Healing Immersions in Atlanta, Georgia, and 7-Day Retreats in Costa Rica.

Elicia's Story

Elicia Miller

My professional development occurred through my own determined and steadfast personal healing journey. After a string of abusive relationships (including to myself), multiple addictions, and ongoing physical complaints, I resolved to get free from my symptoms and unhealthy patterns in relationships and jobs.

I knew my approach needed to address the underlying emotional and mental roots so I could become my authentic self: inspired, creative, loving and powerful. Frustrated with the lack of results from traditional doctors and therapists, I researched and tried over 50 detox and healing methods, but there was still something missing.

My determination led me to give-up a lucrative business career and all of my possessions to spend 2.5 years in Thailand, as well as months in Costa Rica, San Francisco, and several years in Atlanta, working with the best spiritual, ancestral, shamanic, energy, and emotional healers on the planet. As I immersed myself on a path toward physical, mental, and emotional health, I realized that Candida was more than just symptoms like bloating and yeast infections.

I learned that digestive problems, yeast infections, emotional eating, codependency, perfectionism, obsession with outside approval, and chronic victim mentality were manifestations of unresolved trauma of various types, and emotional neglect. This newfound understanding of the mind-emotional-body connection gave me freedom and clarity in all aspects of my life that included more effective work with my clients.

In 2015, I removed my breast implants and this resulted not only in greater physical health, but an even deeper level of understanding and compassion for myself and others. Nurturance comes from the heart chakra, which was toxic from my implants. I was then able to more powerfully help others love themselves more fully. Then, during the first week of my then newly created Express What’s Repressed Core Emotional Healing® program, I lost my 6th pregnancy. The deep grief I processed helped me connect to my client’s grief and increased my empathic abilities. This experience sprung a new purpose and focus: to help others learn how to take care of their emotional needs, re-parent themselves and believe they are worthy of vibrant health, true love, intimacy, support, money, and work they love.

I now do that through monthly online workshops.

Through individual, group, and experiential processes using my Core Emotional Healing® model, I help clients quickly and effectively heal the root cause of their physical and emotional symptoms, addictions, compulsions, and relationship problems.

While many of my clients have engaged in various types of healing approaches including medical and spiritual, because they bypass the embodied and emotional work, they have not healed. I am able to see right to the heart of the matter, while gently helping to penetrate my client’s defenses in order to address and remove the emotional blocks that limit healing. With this, clients reconnect with their inner guidance and gifts.