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The Intimacy Hour Radio Show

Join Elicia and Doug for The Intimacy Hour Radio Show to learn how to work through your relationship challenges and experience growth, healing, greater closeness, love and fulfillment in your relationship.

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Catch Doug and Elicia's Radio show "The Intimacy Hour" on WDJY 99.1 FM & United Intentions Radio on Mondays at 6:00pm EST.

Having a hard time finding intimacy with your partner?

Ready to reconnect with your estranged sibling?

Struggling to communicate your emotional needs to your mother?

From platonic, to paternal, to romantic, Elicia and Doug are here to help you solve your relationship troubles! Click the button below to submit your questions or situations, which will be altered to provide anonymity, and Elicia and Doug will address them in an upcoming episode. 

Complete the form below to submit your relationship questions and get support from Elicia and Doug in an upcoming episode of The Intimacy Hour!

*To keep your privacy, we will replace many identifying details, while addressing the core aspects of your question.

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They've created something really unique and valuable that leverages their greatest gifts and truly heals people.


"Doug and Elicia make an amazing and perfect team. They are so supportive, intuitive, fun/funny, and loving. What more can I say? They've created something really unique and valuable that leverages their greatest gifts and truly heals people.

I seriously feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I'm so thankful to you and Doug. I truly feel like I accomplished more in 3 days during the workshop than I would have in years of talk therapy.

About Elicia and Doug Miller, PhD

Doug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing for them, as well as great insight into their work with clients.

Elicia is the founder of the Core Emotional Healing® model. She has 15 years of experience in deep experiential work and training in unconscious emotional wounds that cause physical symptoms, eating disorders, and relationship problems.

Elicia’s own extensive journey healing Systemic Candida gave her the experience to guide hundreds from around the world to freedom from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, codependency, addictions, poor body image and perfectionism by healing the emotional root cause to live a fulfilled and inspired life!

Elicia is gifted in seeing right to the source of the issue, past her client's defenses and stories. In addition, she provides nurturing support, lovingly helping clients move through the healing process.

Doug is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychologist working in the Mental Health Field for 35 years. His formal training included training in Gestalt Therapy, Jungian, Body Work, Existential and Psychodynamic Psychotherapies. He was also encouraged to develop the use intuition in his practice. His training and experience have brought him to a deep understanding of the interplay between childhood emotional and family dynamics with personal life development, fulfillment and spiritual growth. He first co-lead an Experiential retreat over 25 years ago and has found this approach to be the most efficient and effective.

Elicia and Doug specialize in the powerful and immediate lived approach of Experiential Therapy, in retreats, workshops, and individual healing immersions. They actively help clients through individualized healing structures that bring into awareness the unconscious source of emotional and relationship issues. Then, they help clients release long-blocked emotions and provide healing with corrective experiences that are self-affirming and personally empowering. This process results in more authentic and aligned living, with a fuller benefit of one’s individual gifts.

Many of Elicia and Doug’s clients have engaged in various types of healing approaches including medical and spiritual, but because clients often bypass the embodied and emotional work, they have not healed.

Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches to help individuals and couples heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With their penetrating insight, grounded intuition, and Experiential Psychotherapy process, Doug and Elicia help their clients realize greater connection, intimacy and fulfillment. To learn more listen to their Intimacy Hour Radio Shows.

Doug and Elicia are based in Atlanta, GA, USA and travel around the world offering Core Emotional Healing® private healing immersions, workshops and retreats.